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25 April 2007 @ 03:24 pm
OOC Notes: Implied m/m sex (Jack/Ianto).

"We're almost out of ammo and ... printer paper." Jack turned away from him, then, but Ianto wasn’t really watching. He was busy jotting things down and making bored-annoyed faces into his notepad. But then Jack was spinning back towards him, words rushing out. "Oh, and while you’re restocking things, would you put in an order for lube?"

Ianto went still, the pen in his hand pausing to leak ink onto the page as he re-ran Jack’s words in his mind. Had he just-... ? Better ask. He lifted his head, peering at Jack. "Excuse me, sir, could you … repeat that last bit?"

Jack seemed unfazed, an eyebrow lifting as if he couldn’t understand the confusion. "Lube, Ianto. Order some."

Ianto felt his brow furrow. "As in ... ?" Jack couldn’t possibly mean that, could he?

Jack’s serious expression slowly shifted into a smirk. "As in lube ... lubricant ... slick- ..."

The air huffed out of him as he held up his pen hand, halting Jack’s list. "I hardly think that’s a Torchwood expense, sir."

Jack flicked his wrist, batting at the concern like a pesky fly. "Fine. I’ll ... dock my own pay." He chuckled, running a hand through his hair.

Ianto sputtered, working to not be flustered, even though he was. "You don’t need me to order that. You can ... go get it from a store or something."

Jack just shrugged, tongue running over his lips. "I’m busy, but ... if you want to run out or ... pick some up on your way in tomorrow ... that would be fine with me."

Ianto was incredulous, tone rising as his shoulders lifted and tensed. "I am not buying you lube!"

Jack’s smirk became a wicked grin. "You prefer to go without?"

He could almost think Jack was speaking in jest, but his eyes were intense with innuendo and Ianto had to pull his own eyes away, wondering if he should even dignify that question with a response. "I ... don’t think that’s any of your business ... sir." He took a deep breath, regarding Jack again, calmly.

Then Jack was sliding right up to him, breathing the same quarter meter of warm air, and the richness of his voice seemed to shrink even that meager bit of space as he watched Ianto intently. "Don’t you want it to be?"

Ianto opened his mouth, as if to answer, but nothing came out and he closed it again, swallowing, without saying anything. Jack’s eyebrows danced, offering no help whatsoever. Then he stepped back, head dipping subtly in what might have been a self-congratulatory bow, and he turned on his heel, strutting back towards his office as he tossed his words behind him like a ball player with a sure shot.

"Tomorrow. And none of that cheap stuff. I know you know what I’m talking about."

By the time Ianto got his voice back, Jack was already settling into his desk chair and proceeding with work as if nothing had happened. And when Ianto walked out of the door that night, he wasn't sure if he'd rise to Jack's bait or not. Indeed, he didn't actually know what he was going to do until the moment that he was doing it, fetching lube from the store for the good captain on his way into work the next day.

Once Ianto got to the Hub, however, he couldn't bring himself to say anything about the black plastic bag hidden away in the back pouch of his satchel. Even Jack was silent on the topic Ianto had thought was in question, so he started to wonder if maybe Jack really had been joking after all. But when the rest of the crew had gone home, Jack called him in with his name gliding, deep, through a flirty, knowing smile. And Jack spent the whole rest of the night teaching him to sit and stay and beg, then lie down, roll over, and come.
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